Our mission: to organize the community to promote social justice for all working people.

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ALICE Revealed

NEICLC and Workers' Project Holiday Party

You're invited to the event that is the largest fundraiser of the year for NEICLC, one that provides most of the steam for our continued mission of representing all working people in the economy. Come ready to choose some excellent Christmas gifts at our live auction, and celebrate the Holidays with good people and good food...

NEICLC Meeting

Come as your affiliated union rep, or as a member of the community for Executive Reports, Solidaity and Committee Reports, and a special abbreviated "Poverty and Low Wages in Allen County" presentation from the ALICE study.


After 18 years of experimentation, research, and development, our Workers' Project might be edging toward overnight success. This means we will need to quickly burn through the gears to get up to speed. Your ideas, thoughts, and experiences will be critical to our collective efforts to amplify workers own voice and power in order to be more fully valued. It you can not attend please contact either Tom or Cheryl or an attending WPI member so your thoughts can be represented. We will be addressing the follwing monumental topics:

From the Bottom Up: Where was Labor on Labor Day?

So, where was Labor on Labor Day?

It seems national media was busy reporting other news. Significant happenings in sports and such warranted only a nod of recognition to the national holiday. Working people feeling the sting of the pseudo-economic recovery were likely disappointed to see no reflection of their reality on national news networks.

Affordable Care Act update

By Jane Porter Gresham 

In Fort Wayne, Does Revitalization Include the Working Class?

Many of us couldn't help but notice the near-disdain expressed by the President of the Downtown Improvement District, Bill Brown, for the homeless of our area last month.

Down and Out in Fort Wayne?: Survey Launched to Represent Under-Represented

By Gayle Goodrich
Director of Labor and Community Services
United Way of Allen County

Unions Anticipate Labor Day Despite Recent Setbacks


2:41 PM
Fri, Aug 29, 2014
By Virginia Alvino

Labor Day is Monday. And while many folks take the long weekend to relax, the symbolic end of the summer means something different to union organizers.

For them it’s a day to celebrate the solidarity of their workers.

This year, policy in Indiana and across the country  has continued to limit the influence and power unions have – and union membership is following that downward trend.


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